Optimizing your home and office workspace

In an ever changing Workplace, allow us to help you achieve ultimate Productivity and comfort. 

About Us

Ergonomx is The idea

That the workplace can and should be optimized to best fit the individual. It was created to provide the ideal solution to a sizeable gap in the health and wellness continuum. 

By incorporating the best techniques and research in the fields of ergonomics and biomechanics, we design optimal solutions for remote and in-office work environments.

Whether you are a business veteran, a work from home novice or student, Ergonomx will design and customize the most appropriate solutions for your working environment. 

As the workforce transitions from the traditional office setting to a blended workplace model, allow Ergonomx help you optimize your environment wherever it may be!

Injury Prevention & Workplace Health Solutions

Our Services

We provide remote ergonomics assessments of the work environment with comprehensive recommendation write-ups and actionable advice to immediately improve the workplace experience. Our goal is to enhance individual health, comfort and productivity via workstation optimization, as well as  workplace strength and mobility programs.

Work From Home

Remote, virtual and on-site home office assessment and training.


Ergonomx assessment, training and program development for office spaces.


Services specific for medical providers and researchers.

Our Mission

To inspire health, wellness and productivity for individuals and organizations, one person at a time. 

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